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Problems using HCS08 with UBS Spyder

Question asked by S M on May 4, 2009
Latest reply on May 6, 2009 by S M

Hi at all,

i'm new here, but i have a question.

I want to program a HCS08 microcontroller using a UBS Spyder. I dont want to use the BDM PCB board.

And i want to use the library in the BDSM package, means the open source driver "OpenSourceBDM.dll".

But if i insert the USB Spyder, my own tool doesn't detect this device. The test tool "testlibusb-win.exe" do that. I called the function "opensourcebdm_init", but it already returns zero...What is my mistake?


I also tried the TBDML_distribution_Pack, but same as OSDBM.


I hope someone can help me.