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Keyboard Indicator/Toggle Button on top bar Sato Gnome Desktop

Question asked by Marco Padovani on Jun 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by Marco Padovani


i'm working with yocto project on the imx6 processor. I created the sato image where a GNOME desktop manager is used. On the top bar there are:

- Home button 

- Change Windows button

- Mouse indicator

- Time


I would also like to insert the keyboard indicator button, whit the possibility of pressing that butto to enable or disable the virtual keyboard. (fig.1 What do i have, fig.2 what i would like)

I don't know if this option is already present, but i have already created a script (with matchbox command) that make the enable/disable toggle of the virtual keyboard, but i managed to insert it as an "app" and not in the top bar (fig.3 keyboard toggle as an app).


If i connect an external keyboard in the situation of "fig.1", the keyboard function normally but without indicator.

My priority is to integrate a button keyboard indicator in the top bar that enable or disable the virtual keyboard.

Anyone can help me?