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T2080RDB cpu core hang problem

Question asked by ömer faruk er on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2020 by Sedat Altun

Hello everyone,


We have hang problem in a scenario based on ipsec esp null with a custom board based on T2080 SoC with SDK 1.6.
We are using a packet generator (IXIA) and generate internet mix packets for testing. The test setup and device configurations is depicted on the attached image.


Approximately after 10 hours some of the cpu cores are hanging while others are still processing packets. After enabling soft lock up detection in kernel we got cpu stuck messages on the console. But since some cores are hanged, the console is also locked.

Then we repeated the same scenario with the reference boards NXP T2080RDB. Strangely we got the same problem, after 10-12 hours some cores are hanged while others are still processing packets. We used the SDK 1.6 images which are downloaded from NXP official site. (Kernel,dtb,ramdisk, rcw). And our fman microcode version is 108.4.5.

Then we switched to SKD 2.0 on T2080RDB boards and did the same network tests, fortunately we didnt got any problem. Approximately for 3-4 days it worked without any problem. We also used the official binaries form SDK 2.0 and fman microcode version is still 108.4.5

We didnt understand why some cores in T2080RDB are hanging if we use SDK 1.6 instead of SDK 2.0.

We also did same tests on T4240RDBs. In these test there is no problem either using SDK1.6 or SDK2.0.


It will be very hard for us to switch from SDK 1.6 kernel to SDK 2.0, we have lots of customizations in SDK 1.6.

So could you please help us about finding the problem in SDK 1.6, maybe there are errates, bug fixes done in SDK 2.0.

We have critical changes in SDK 1.6 kernel so it is not an easy task to switch to new sdk like SDK 2.0.


Any help will be appreciated.