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Issues with the S32K116 Jumpstart project

Question asked by Mohamed Amine Kouki Employee on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by Michal Hanak

Hi all,


We have designed a S32K116 based PCB with OpenSDA and we have issues to control it with FreeMASTER.


In order to better understand the issue and isolate the problem, we switched the development to the S32K116 evalboard described in this document:


We wanted to get started with the Jumpstart project described in page 12 of the above PDF. So, we have downloaded the corresponding Firmware and PC gui from the nxp website here: 


We are using S32 Design Studio 2018.R1 as advised in the document. And we have all updates up to Update 10 installed. The enviroment works fine with various applications and projects.


(We are already familiar with FreeMASTER and TSA variables in the context of S21ZVL, WCT1013 and S32K144)


The problem:


Although we are able to connect to the S32K116 using the FreeMASTER tool(same issue with 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 versions), we don't see the variables watch being updated. There is a "?" in front of all the variables and we are not able to control the LEDs, the pins or interact with the Eval Board in any way. But we can see the RGB LED constantly switching colors.


The below screenshot show the succesful connection with the Eval Board:




Can anyone help us with how to setup this example project properly or fix it? Otherwise, can you point us at a working FreeMASRTER project for the S32K116? The sample projects inside the S32DS installation folder are just empty dummy projects with the comment "contact an FAE"


Looking forward to your feedback!