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LPC8N04 EEPROM endurance

Question asked by Ken Roberts on Jun 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by Alexis Andalon



Are there any specifications for EEPROM or FLASH endurance for the LPC8N04 ?

All the data sheet gives is 10 year min data retention time for the EEPROM it gives no endurance or write times (the same goes for the FLASH).

We have a 32-bit counter that needs to reside in EEPROM which could be incremented once every 10 seconds over a life of 5 years, so some sort of wear-levelling algorithm needs to be used - but this is impossible without more info on the EEPROM.


There are a couple of other EEPROM issues:

(1) There is no info for setting the value in the RWSTATE and WSTATE wait registers, only magic numbers are given - will these values work for all clock speeds and temperatures or do they need to be scaled?

(2) The API won't work with a 500kHz clock - in table 8 of the user-manual it states that 500kHz is ok, but the API sets the CLKDIV to zero if this speed is selected causing a hardware exception - is this a bug in the API? the following is extracted from the 'EEPROM_Init()' function:

/* Set the clock divider */
clockDiv += 1U;
base->CLKDIV = clockDiv - 1U;


Thanks for any help