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NHS31xx: Using POR - PowerOn reset - when attaching Battery Power

Question asked by Stefan Voß on Jun 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by Stefan Voß



for my NHS3100 (NXP Demoboard) i like to get a reset (ResetISR) when i attach battery power. 

So far, the result is none, Nothing happens when i attach (sufficient) battery.


When I wait 30 seconds after attaching same Battery and do use either the 'Reset Pin' or move NFC-phone close to the NFC field, the NHS3100 will finally reboot and i get the ResetISR.


My Problem is, that i want that ResetISR after attaching battery without manually doing Reset Pin or NFC phone action.


According to the 'Nxp NHS3100 UM10876.pdf' manual page 4 subsection 'Power control' there is a Power-On Reset (POR) feature.


Thanks in advance