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error ZPS_eAplZdoAddReplaceLinkKey eStatus= 174

Question asked by Benoit Roue on Jun 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Benoit Roue

Hi Mario,


I found the same problem happened again, but I open a new question, since this issue problably been archived.

I have used the gateway for weeks, and joined, unjoined many devices (by leave request). Now,  when a new device wants to join, the function ZPS_eAplZdoAddReplaceLinkKey returns 174.

I have the logs of the sniffer, and the logs of the JN5169 that are sent to the gateway, with many print tables. Please check carefully.

One thing can be noticed, I have activated a log in the function vfExtendedStatusCallBack

And I got the extended status 0x87 which is ZPS_XS_E_NO_FREE_EXTENDED_ADDR. A comment of this enum says “There are no free entries in the extended address table.  The extended address table is configured in the config editor".

I don’t know which table it is. In the configuration file, no table is called “extended address table”. And, I have only 10 ZED/ZR in the network. Tell me the name me the entry in the config file. Also, I attached my config file. You must know which table is, and what is its size. So, please tell me.


If you wish to replicate the issue, you won’t. It needs weeks, and many different devices. Please transmit the issue directly to the developers team.


Attached Files:

20200604_failed no send transport key.pcapng : the logs from sniffer when the association succeed, but the transport key has not been sent.

20200604_full log.pcapng : The full logs from the sniffer since yesterday. There are many zigbee networks in our room, the panId our my network is 0xc90c.

20200604 Gateway logs.txt : The logs from JN5169 sent to the host, and the functions that have written them. Also, some tables, with functions that have written them.

ZigbeeNodeControlBridge.zpscfg : my configuration file.


Best regards