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New device driver integration with Yocto

Question asked by Malay Dhrangadhria on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2020 by vikas patil

Hello, I am looking for new device driver integration flow with yocto. I am trying to interface SI4731 tuner chip with IiMX8M MINI development board. I add related c files to /tmp/work-shared/imx8mm-var-dart/kernel-source/sound/soc/codecs/ path and required headers file to /tmp/work-shared/imx8mm-var-dart/kernel-source/include/linux/mfd/ with the reference to in built si476x driver files.


Also update Kconfig and Makefiles for the tuner chip.


But not able to see the chi entry in ALSA list.


I might be doing something wrong or incomplete.


Please provide some reference/guidance for the adding new driver in yocto.