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Cannot reset SLN-Alexa-IOT Module

Question asked by STEVEN STARK on Jun 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by jeremyzhou

We purchased an SLN-Alexa-IOT module some time ago.   We have been unable to establish a wi-fi connection to the module in spite of being very careful to enter the correct serial number.  We continue to receive a message stating that the password is invalid for the device.  We observed that the status LED is red instead of orange.  From what little documentation is available, unless the LED is orange, the module is not in a mode waiting for a wi-fi connection.  We cannot find any documentation that explains how to reset the module (to the factory defaults) so that it will accept a connection.  We have wasted many hours on this issue and we are ready to go with another vendor for an AVS solution.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.