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uuu - mfg tool "Wait for Known USB Device Appear..."

Question asked by vijay b on Jun 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2020 by vijay b

I am running in to an issue while flashing images to sd card for i.MX8M mini.

I am running windows10. I have driver installed. Here is the usbview.



when I try to flash image from windows cmd


uuu -b sd_all imx-boot-imx8mmddr4evk-sd.bin-flash_ddr4_evk fsl-image-validation-imx-imx8mmevk.sdcard


uuu (Universal Update Utility) for nxp imx chips -- libuuu_1.3.191-0-g4fe24b9

Wait for Known USB Device Appear...


It hangs. 


One time I was able to flash the images. I am not sure what is happening. Seems like it is not able to detect EVK. (Imx8M mini ddr4).