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Imxrt1064 hardfault handler error

Question asked by Vasudhevan G on Jun 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2020 by Mark Butcher


     Board = IMXRT1064 evk

     RAM = OCRAM





     When we trying to access structure that time hard fault error occurring.

   Example :


typedef struct test_stat_t
    uint8_t ip_status;
    uint8_t test_data1;
    uint8_t test_data2;

void *test_thread(void *arg)
   test_stat *data;

   data->ip_status = 1;          // Occurs hardfault handler error
   data->test_data1 = 10;        // Occurs hardfault handler error
   data->test_data2 = 20;        // Occurs hardfault handler error



     This thread stack size increased upto 5k but still this error occurs.

     This code syntactically correct but why hard fault error occurs ?

     If we run application on OCRAM (or) SDRAM what are memory configuration we have to change including lwip ?

     How to solve this issue ?


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