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Are there clear indicators that ERR050101 is occuring?

Question asked by Michael Adams on Jun 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by Felipe García

Hi there,


I am running into an issue on the RT1051. The device has isochronous USB IN and OUT endpoints. When connected to certain hosts (both directly and through a hub) the USB audio device enumerates properly and the host sends isochronous data to the device, however the OTG1_IRQHandler is not invoked by the isochronous packets. I am wondering if the issue I am seeing is related to the 'ERR050101 USB: Endpoint conflict issue in device mode' defect as described in Chip Errata for the i.MX RT1050, Rev. 2.2 (see attached).


Are there any clear indicators that I can observe using my IDE and debugger to determine if ERR050101 is occurring?