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Could you help to provide ATF05MS003N/MHT1803A/MMRF1310HSR5 para at 40.68MHz?

Question asked by Angus Shi on Jun 10, 2020

We want to use ATF05MS003N(or ATF05MS006N), MHT1803A, MMRF1310HSR5 in our product at 40.68 MHz.

The datasheet reference circuit gives Zsource and Zload values for frequencies from 135-174 and 350-520 MHz.

The S parameter file covers 240-1000 MHz.

A similar question mentioned the AFT05MS003N_PDK file, which no longer exists.

Could you help to provide(ATF05MS003N/ATF05MS006N/MHT1803A/MMRF1310HSR5) reference circuit/S para/PDK at 40.68MHz?