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Can tiny memory model be used with a large stack (at top of memory)?

Question asked by tom minnich on Apr 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 1, 2009 by tom minnich

 We would like to use the tiny memory model because of its efficiency, but we found a problem with code that makes a copy of a small array. The C compiler transfers the stack pointer  to the H:X register and assumes that H will be zero. The array is not copied correctly when we place the stack at the top of QE128 ram. Is there a way around this, other than using the small memory model and a bunch or NEAR attributes on data definitions?  I have included a pack and go zip of the code stub (targeted for simulation) . The pack and go zip uses a small stack so it works as is.  When the stack is moved to the top of QE128 memory using




in the PRM file, the problem will be re-created.


regards Tom M.