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Sleep Mode K60 MK60DN512VLQ10

Question asked by SIVA VELUPPILLAI on Jun 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2020 by Omar Anguiano

I have question on the K60 micro sleep! 
We are running our K60 micro MK60DN512VLQ10 from a system oscillator 16MHz clock (Core clock is 96MHz) and we also have the external RTC oscillator 32.768kHz.
We have a low power requirement when battery powered.
In this low power mode, we sleep for 250mS and wake up and check for reason to wake and sleep again.
During this 250mS sleep the only thing needed to work is wake up from pin change/pin interrupt.
So looking at the power mode options, VLPS is the most appropriate mode although we are happy to consider other power modes.
I am also thinking we could use the 1kH LPO for the sleep clock but not sure it can do 250mS. This can be utilised with the internal wdog?
We don’t need super accuracy but the 1kHz clock has +/-10% accuracy and it is pretty bad. So I am wondering whether we could calibrate the 1kHz. May be another way?
Any sample code/app note for this?
I have the followings:
AN4503 Power Management for Kinetis MCUs

AN4470 Using Low Power modes on Kinetis family

K60 Sub-Family Reference Manual

Any other suggestions can also be considered?

Previously we considered the VLPR, the issue is this mode still keeps the core frequency running and changing the clock to 32kHz may be a solution but has no benefit!
We are using Code Warrior IDE for the development!