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i.MX8 M USB1 OTG - how to change polarity of OTG_PWR/OC?

Question asked by Matthias Ehrenfried on Jun 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by Wigros Sun

We followed your DOC-346008 implementation guide for OTG port without Type C connector. But we did not recognized the fact that USB1_OTG_PWR and USB1_OTG_OC are high active.

We validate that i.MX8 M recognize the USB1_OTG_OC as active high, even if the DOC-346008 claims the signals as low active signal.

The USB1_ID pin resistor R210 is marked as DNP in DOC-346008. Without the connection between the connector ID pin and USB1_ID (R210 assembled), i.MX8 M does not react on ID pin changes.


Is it possible to change the polarity of i.MX8 M USB1_OTG_PWR and USB1_OTG_OC from high active to low active?

Please confirm that the connection between USB1_ID, USB1_OTG_ID and microUSB ID pin is mandatory.