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Will NTAG 5 I2C Cockpit example run on LPC54114 ?

Question asked by James Whitney on Jun 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2020 by Ricardo Zamora


I figured that one easy way to experiment with the NTAG 5 NFC chip for a prior project - which used the LPC54114 Xpresso board - was to order some NTAG 5 Boost Dev Boards.

 I have two issues:

1 - I am wondering if I2C Cockpit binary file "USB-I2C_bridge_LPC11u37h.bin" for the LPC11U37HLPCXpresso board will run on the LPC54114 Xpresso board, without having to chase through both schematics. We know the Arduino portion of the pinout from both boards will work - I'm wondering about some of the other signal lines. If it will not, what are my options ?

2 - I figured I would just flash the LPC54114 board and give it a try. I tried all sorts of connections of jumper JP5 but couldn't get anything to work. After I cleared and deleted the default 'firmware.bin' file, I copied the USB-I2C file mentioned above to the board. But after reset - no matter in what position I had JP5, when I looked at the directory *after* reset the directory always shows that the contents are the original 'firmware.bin' file.


Suggestions ??



P.S. The point I'm actually trying to reach - maybe stage 2 - is to create an application on the LPC54114 Xpresso which is activated by a smartphone and the Boost Dev board and displays 'Hello, World'.