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Coldfire Lite DHCP Issues with no network connection

Question asked by David Lundquist on Apr 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 7, 2009 by Marc Vandenhende

I'm chasing down some odd behaviour on a project running the latest V3.2 Coldfire Lite stack on a MCF52233.  It is setup as a TCP Client and I've got Eric Gregori's HTTP client described in AN3518 running on top.  I've even added all the updates that "Marc VDH" has put together and still I have the following issue:


If I start the unit with the network cable plugged in, everything is fine.  Once it goes through DHCP and all, I can remove and reinstall the cable and it all behaves nicely.   On the other hand if I start the board with no network connection it will at first wait for a valid network connection using:


     while (!iniche_net_ready)  

It will sit here waiting properly for a few minutes, but eventually it will issue a DHCP timeout message on the console and then declare usage of the default IP address, and then things go very bad and I start getting "dtrap" error messages.


My guess is the the DHCP timout is doing something incorrectly.  I haven't dug into this too deeply but wanted to see if anybody else has run into this before I spend a lot of time on it.


MQX is starting to sound like something I want to try !