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Migrating 68332 HiWare project to CodeWarrior 68K

Discussion created by Graham Moss on Apr 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 21, 2009 by CrasyCat

Hi All,

We have a major (code size and user base) project that runs on the 68332 MCU and was developed using the HiWare tools. The HiWare tools have some issues with the debugging interface which makes debugging operations 'rather hit and miss'.


The code for this project can also be compiled with Turbo C++ allowing us to simulate it on the PC (so the code is somewhat 'universal' with conditionals at critical places).


Later this year we will migrate the product and application to a newer ColdFire MCU and as part of that process decided to replace the HiWare tools with the CodeWarrior suite as a familiarity exercise.


Has anyone ever migrated such a project to CodeWarrior and what steps were required to get it compilable?


I have searched the Freescale site but found no references to such a migration path.


Is it possible for CodeWarrior to accept an output file from another compiler, along with symbol information, and debug with it?


Any comments or pointer apprecuiated!