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[JN5169] The callback of Timer3 not run?

Question asked by alan lin on Jun 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by alan lin

Dear Sirs,


My Timer3 callback was not run. Is there any problem below?


vAHI_TimerEnable(E_AHI_TIMER_3, 4, TRUE, TRUE, FALSE);
vAHI_TimerConfigureOutputs(E_AHI_TIMER_3, FALSE, TRUE);
 vAHI_TimerClockSelect(E_AHI_TIMER_3, FALSE, TRUE);
vAHI_TimerStartSingleShot(E_AHI_TIMER_3, 6250, 62500);


PUBLIC void vHwTimer3IntCallback(uint32 u32DeviceId, uint32 u32ItemBitmap)
  DBG_vPrintf(TRUE, "Timer3Cb(id=0x%08x, bit=0x%08x)\n", u32DeviceId, u32ItemBitmap);