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MPX2010DP Pressure Transducer clarifications

Question asked by Dhanabal T on Jun 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2020 by Dhanabal T


       Can you please clarify below queries.

1. What is the sensitivity in mV/V for MPX2010DP sensor? Datasheet mentioned 2.5mV/kPa, is this same as mV/V?

2. what will be the sensor output voltage @ VCC = 4.096V?

3. Datasheet mentioned 10kPa is the max operating pressure range, Can i use this sensor for continuous exposure of 120 cmH20 (11.768kPa)?

4. What would be the

      a. Impact of pressure sensor if continuously exposed to 120 cmH20?

      b. Sensor output at 120 cmH20? Assume senor is powered from 4.096V?

5. Can this sensor detect negative pressure, if so what is the maximum operating negative pressure it can measure?

6. Can i use this sensor for -20 cmH20(-1.961kPa)?

7. Will it follow same sensitivity for negative pressure?



Dhanabal T