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NAND Flash via FlexSPI

Question asked by Johann Hagler on Jun 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by Sabina Bruce

I have a curious problem:


I'm using a NAND-Flash via FlexSPI in parallel to a NOR-Flash.



It works fine when i 

1. download the program via the MCUXpresso IDE GUI Flash Tool (without reset) using the standard NOR-flash driver.

2. then i force a POR via pulling the POR_B pin to ground manually.


If i power cycle the device and then force a POR the NAND-Flash doesn't work anymore. 


So i'm wondering what the difference between the 2 versions of reset might be. In both cases i force a POR which should, as i understand it, reset all SoC modules.

One obvious difference is that the NOR-flash driver isn't loaded in case (B). But whatever the driver does, it shouldn't survive the POR. 


Maybe someone has an idea, what the problem might be.


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