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DAR Register is Corrupted

Question asked by Kaveh Mohammad on Jun 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by Kaveh Mohammad

There is an issue with MPC555 code or my hardware that I am investigating. I am using a debugger to find the issue.
The issue happens only at cold temperature, most probably one of the components upset.
By debugger I can see DAR register address gets corrupted out of range and so MCU stops execution.
Using the debugger I do not have a clue why this happens because by this debugger I can not go back in the code and do a lot of tracing. The assembly line where debugger stops is: lfs f28,0x5C(r12)
It seems MCU is trying to access an address in the SRAM located at (0x5C+r12), but because r12 is out of range, MCU stops.
The only anomaly I see using the debugger is DAR register which is set to (0x5C+r12) and is out of range.
DAR definition in MPC555 datasheet: After an alignment exception, the DAR is set to the effective address of a load or store element.
I am still scratching my head how this address corruption happens. So I need some help from an expert.

In the HW I have ADDR[8-31] pins and DATA[0-31] shared between my 3 peripherals that are SRAM, FLASH and a Digital Transceiver.
How the value in DAR is relevant with ADDR[8-31]. Is it possible that that when r12 data is being passed on data bus it gets corrupted due to a timing issue by one of the other devices?