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MCUXpresso #include Issue

Question asked by Chad Graham on Jun 5, 2020
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I have a project that appears to have a #include issue that I'd appreciate some help with.


I have a project that includes several libraries.  Each of these libraries compiles without issue and my application project will compile until I add a function call into one of the libraries.  (Note, I have used functions in other libraries and this library is linked in the same manner.  The include directory is added and accessible, the library and library path is properly referenced in the project settings and the file is properly included in the application file.)


When I compile, the error reports that the undefined reference is actually a #define reference in the function I'm calling to to another library file.  ( library_a.c #includes library_b.c where the #define is located.)  I have confirmed that first library correctly includes the secondary library file and even copying in the #define command into the list library call does not correct the file.  (I also don't get a compiler complaint that the definition is #defined in two locations.)  I can also call other functions in the first library without issues so I'm pretty certain the includes are properly setup.


Unfortunately, the user manuals, the NXP forums, and google searches have failed to be helpful.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try?