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T2080 Refernce design IFC

Question asked by Hemant Kumar Tiwari on Jun 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2020 by Hemant Kumar Tiwari

Hello Sir,

In T2080 Refernce design, I am having few queries to ask

1) what is CFG_VBANK?

2) What is the importance of CFG_VBANK in NOR flash(JS28F00AM29EWHA) 1Gb memory interface? can i remove SN74LVC1G86 IC and directly connect ifc_a7 , ifc_a6 and ifc_a5 to IFC bus?


3) what will be changes will come in the design if i want to upgrade my nor flash size?

a) to 512 megabit

b) to 2 gigabit

How many virtual bank will be require in the above mention memory sizes (512 migabit and 2gigabit)?


Waiting for your reply.


Attaching the image for your reference