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Downloading RT1060 GUI examples from SDK via Secure Provisioning tool

Question asked by q1444 Employee on Jun 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2020 by q1444

Dear all,


I'm struggling with download of the GUI examples from SDK 2.7.1 (emWIN, ew_gui, crank_storyboard and littlevgl) when using the Secure provisioning tool.

If I use a Segger JLINK or the on-board CMSIS-DAP with MCUXpresso debugger then everything is ok and the applications are executing as they should.

Building and writing the images with the Secure Provisioning Tool conclude without errors however the sw doesn't start and the display stays black. SW7 is set to boot from XiP serial NOR Flash. 0-0-1-0


Here my Preprocessor settings:



Is there any further modification necessary or did I miss anything else?