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Using UART for downloading the image on RT1060 board

Question asked by q1444 Employee on Jun 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2020 by q1444

Dear all,


I'm trying to use the UART via the mbed serial port on the RT1060EVK (in my case COM21) for downloading a firmware image to external XiP Flash.

I'm in serial boot mode by setting of SW7 to 0-0-0-1

The image is an unsigned one from SDK 2.7.1 "iled blinky".


When trying to write the image to external Flash via UART then the following error message occurs:


### Check presence of flashloader ###
blhost -p COM21,115200 -j -- get-property 1 0
"command" : "ping",
"response" : [],
"status" : {
"description" : "10500 (0x2904) No response received for ping command.",
"value" : 10500
blhost failed
Flashloader is not running yet, download and run it
### Check communication with target bootloader ###
sdphost -p COM21,115200 -j -- error-status
"command" : "error-status",
"response" : [],
"status" : {
"description" : "10004 (0x2714) No response from device.",
"value" : 10004
sdphost failed


Does that mean for serial download via UART the Flashloader has to be run additionally as the Boot ROM in RT1060 is not sufficient?


(P.S. Download via USB works well)