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2GB Micron DDR4 configuration for i.MX8M Nano

Question asked by Ofer Austerlitz on Jun 3, 2020
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We're trying to generate DDR configuration for our i.MX8M Nano board with 2GB Micron DDR4 DRAM. The DRAM datasheet is available at 

Attached you can find our PRA Tool configuration. The problem is that DDR Stress test tool V3.10 fails to properly recognize DRAM size (1GB instead of 2GB): The output of the tools is :


       MX8 DDR Stress Test V3.10
       Built on Feb  5 2020 13:02:45


--Set up the MMU and enable I and D cache--
   - This is the Cortex-A53 core
  - Check if I cache is enabled
  - Enabling I cache since it was disabled
  - Push base address of TTB to TTBR0_EL3
  - Config TCR_EL3
  - Config MAIR_EL3
  - Enable MMU
  - Data Cache has been enabled
  - Check system memory register, only for debug


   - VMCR Check:
   - ttbr0_el3: 0x97d000
   - tcr_el3: 0x2051c
   - mair_el3: 0x774400
   - sctlr_el3: 0xc01815
   - id_aa64mmfr0_el1: 0x1122


  - MMU and cache setup complete


            ARM clock(CA53) rate: 1500MHz
            DDR Clock: 1200MHz


        DDR configuration
DDR type is DDR4
Data width: 16, bank num: 8
For DDR4, bank num is the total of 2 bank groups and 4 banks per group
Row size: 16, col size: 10
One chip select is used
Number of DDR controllers used on the SoC: 1
Density per chip select:   1024MB
Density per controller is: 1024MB
Total density detected on the board is: 1024MB


I'd appreciate the review of our configuration.


Thanks a lot.