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LS1012ARDB K22 Firmware

Question asked by Joel Clasquin on Jun 2, 2020
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I'm creating a custom board based on the LS1012ARDB.  I will have the same MK22FX512, connected the same way as on the RDB. 

Where can I find the binary (hex?) files for the bootloader and application that is currently running on the RDB's K22?


I found a file called  I believe that is the application.  I also found a forum post about the bootloader and someone mentioned getting a file called k22fx512_bootloader.bin from someone at NXP.  But I can't actually find that file anywhere.


Can someone please tell me if these are the files I need, and in the case of the bootloader, where I can get it?  I've looked at the mbed source code, but I don't want to change anything and I don't want to rebuild everything.


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