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Update problems MCUExpresso - ConfigTools

Question asked by Tim Janes on Jun 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2020 by Lukas Heczko

MCUExpresso on Ubuntu 18.04 using LPC11u68.


All was going well, until the other night I clicked on the message  that said that updates were available.

I started the update and it looked as if the download would take a while so left PC on and went to bed. The following morning MCUExpresso was still open but no sign of any update widow.

So I did help check for updates and it started updates  again. After a few minutes it gave a general Update has failed message.

I Used the system but soon saw errors as described below so assumed installation was corrupt so went into Ubuntu Software centre and removed MCUExpresso, downloaded mcuxpressoide-11.1.1_3241.x86_64.deb.bin and installed it. I then used help install software and installed the SDK for LPCX51U68 board. Then did check for updates and it installed an update. All went well.

This is the current state.

Now when I start a new project and setup a FLEXCOMM as SPI using ConfigTools get these 2 warnings 

Any suggestion or do I just ignore these messages? Projects seem to compile, I have not tried running any yet.