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RT1060-EVK BOARD_SDRAM with Thread-X tx_byte_allocate()

Question asked by Chad Graham on May 29, 2020
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I am using a RT1060-EVK dev board with Thread-X and SDK version 2.7.0.  The SDRAM is defined as part of the default memory details and I have initialized the SDRAM using an intialization function identical to the BOARD_InitSEMC() function located in the evkmimx1060_semc SDK example.


Working with the SEMC project, there appear to be no issues with the SDRAM and everything passes.  However, in my project, when I call the tx_byte_allocation function, it fails to locate a free block.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



I forgot to mention that I have successfully used the tx_byte_pool_create() and tx_byte_pool_allocate() to initialize and setup the system threads.  The problem that I am having seems to be directly related to a different byte pool being in the SDRAM and possibly the default values Thread-X uses to determine if a block is free.  I plan to use this as a basis for a block pool and I'm trying to allocate the memory for it.