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PWM pulse width (tminpulse)

Question asked by PRATIBHA SURABHI on May 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by PRATIBHA SURABHI

Hi all,

With reference to MC9S12ZVM-Family RM, I have a question about the PWM pulse width. A note states " The minimum PWM pulse on & off time must be tminpulse."

I checked the tminpulse on/off time in GDU Electrical characteristics. It is 2us(min).

Now considering the PWM is of 20 KHz, does this mean that minimum and maximum PWM duty that can be output is 4% (2us on-time) and 96% (2us off-time i.e 48us on-time). 


Or is this note of tminpulse applicable in the High Side Charge Pump , where they have mentioned - "In order to speed-up the high-side gate voltage level directly after commutation, the software should drive
the first PWM cycle with a duty cycle meeting an on-time of at least tminpulse for the low-side drivers and
then switch back to 100% again"


Thank you in advance.