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RAM & QSPI requirement for driving 800x480 TFT 24bit Parallel RGB display in MPC5645S MCU

Question asked by priyan george on May 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2020 by David Tosenovjan


We are trying trying to design an instrument cluster using MPC5645S MCU. Our requirement is to drive a 7" 800 x 480 resolution 24bit parallel RGB display using MPC5645S. We have gone through some of the documents available from NXP such as AN5072, AN4444, and AN4865. But we are facing a hard time understanding the calculations in this document. It says that the speed of the RAM and QSPI is more important than the size of the memories. We have seen at some part of the document that we need to use a DDR2 RAM other than LPDDR1 ram as former has more speed. Is our understanding correct. We have gone through the reference design and there NXP has used LPDDR1.

So can anyone let us know which RAM and QSPI Memory to use to drive 7" 800 x 480 resolution 24bit parallel RGB display using MPC5645S and what size we should choose for.