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Errors Connecting to my Dragon12 MC9S12 Board, Can anyone help?

Question asked by Antonio Guilin on Apr 26, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2009 by Antonio Guilin

Hello Everyone,

I'm very new to the CodeWarrior IDE. I have a couple of HC12 boards from college that I would like to begin experimenting with. Right now I'm having a problem connecting to my board. Would anyone be able to tell me why I'm getting these error messages?




I'm going through the tutorial in the CodeWarrior help documentation. I've been able to run the sample program using the simulator.






The problem is when I get to the serial interface parameters window. As you can see, it is seeing my board on my COM1 port.





I click on "Connect (Reset)" and I get the following errors, "Communications with the target failed: The target MCU has no clock or wrong BDM clock speed is used or derivative is secured".



Can anyone tell me what this means?



After the window above, I get:



Then I get:




After that I see:

Then everything chokes!




I checked to see if I can get some sort of heartbeat from the board using the hyperterminal window in Windows XP and I can see the board is reporting something.


Here are the settings:




When I press the reset button on my board, I get the following read out.



So I know my problem is pilot error. All I need to know is what parameters I should be setting in the
"Connection Manager". Any help is appreciated.