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Hosed my M5234BCC EVB while trying to update dBug firmware

Discussion created by Alex Perez on Apr 25, 2009
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Hi folks,


Somehow I've managed to perform a bonehead-maneuver and hosed my previously-working M5234BCC when doing a dldbug with a hex file provided on the Freescale website. I now have a business-sized brick :smileyhappy: It appeared to update for a while, and then stalled. There was a little ASCII-animated progress indicator doing its thing, / - \ | , and then everything came to a halt.


I do have a Univelop Coldfire v1.1 BDM, which is based on the MC68HC90, but I'm unable to re-flash the flash or even run hardware tests under CodeWarrior 7.1.1 under either the Flash Programmer or Hardware Diagnostics sections. As I just recently go the BDM, I have never successfully used it yet. I do have the driver installed, and windows sees it as a "Open Source BDM-JM60", but I think I've still got something misconfigured in the CodeWarrior preferences, under Remote Connections. I was hoping someone who has successfully used this BDM with CodeWarrior could give me a pointer or two in the hopes that I might be able to revive my board by re-flashing it.


Below is the output of dBug prior to my frying it. Now it just outputs a single character over and over again, regardless of whether or not I have XON/XOFF turned on or not (which I did when attempting to flash via dldbug, which the instructions told me to do) and regardless of baud rate, etc.


Any help is *greatly* appreciated.



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ColdFire MCF5235 on the BCC
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