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Questions about IMX8QXP Seboot  function

Question asked by ma shaofeng on May 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by ma shaofeng

dear expert :


now i debug seboot of IMX8QXP , i have  some questions which need answer;


1、i fuse my board and sign the flash.bin  refer to introduction_ahab.txt and mx8_mx8x_secure_boot.txt  

     but whether i download signed flash.bin and non-signed flash.bin , they are boot OK ;


     i think it should not work if i download  non-signed flash.bin after i Program SRK_HASH[511:0] fuses;

     what should i do , it seems the flash.bin authenticate is not work;



2、from the txt , it show :  A message is sent by the SCU ROM via MU requesting the SECO ROM to

     authenticate the SECO FW which is signed using NXP key.   


where to get SECO FW signed by NXP key;


 3、 i open config item  config_ahab_boot in uboot,after start it show :

** Unable to read file os_cntr_signed.bin **

Booting from net ...

No ethernet found.

Authenticate OS container at 0x98000000

Error: Wrong container header

ERR: failed to authenticate


  from the txt , it need create flash_os.bin   ,  but i use  " make SOC=iMX8QX flash_linux "  it show  "no rule to make target "


4、which location to put os_cntr_signed.bin   what's relation of  os_cntr_signed.bin and kernel image   if it have no relation with kernel image , how to protect kernel image?