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Create Crypto Object: error 0x6985 (conditions not satisfied)

Question asked by Jorge Ramirez Ortiz on May 24, 2020
Latest reply on May 31, 2020 by Jorge Ramirez Ortiz

I have been working with the SE050ARD for a few months now without problems.


Doing some code cleanup I enabled the option SSSFTR_SE05X_CREATE_DELETE_CRYPTOOBJ.

After this, I can no longer function since crypto object creation always fail with 0x6985 (conditions not satisfied)


The first operation that my stack requires is hmac  sha 256; however I cant instantiate it since Se05x_API_CreateCryptoObject fails returning 0x6985 in sss_se05x_mac_init.


The input parameters to  Se05x_API_CreateCryptoObject  all come from the SE050 stack; could you help me understand what are the conditions that need to be satisfied to be able to create a crypto object? why cant I create a crypto object?


The input parameters to Se05x_API_CreateCryptoObject  are as per the NXP software:

1. cryptoObjectId: kSE05x_CryptoObject_HMAC_SHA256

2 cryptoContext: kSE05x_CryptoContext_SIGNATURE

3. subtype.mac: kSE05x_MACAlgo_HMAC_SHA256