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K64 UART1 first char is zero

Question asked by Eli Arad on May 23, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by Daniel Chen

I setup a K64 uart1 to windows host ( c#) 

two thing i see 

1. The first byte that being sent is always zero.

i am using the polling example ( modified to UART1) 

2. the tx output fifo is inverted by default , so i needed to set the C3 tx fifo bit 

C3 = C3 | 0x10;


2 questions:

1. how to fix the first zero byte 

2. why the default is that data are inverted?



the RX is also inverted , so i changed RXINV in S2 to 1.

The RX( host to k64) does not have additional zero only the k64->host have additional one zero after reset.