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Linker Questions: emWIN (v.6.10) and IAR 7.80.4

Question asked by lsrbigfoot on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by lsrbigfoot

Has anyone compiled emWin 6.10 library (emWin_M4F.a) with an IAR EWARM 7.80.4 project and got "Warning[Lt009]: Inconsistent wchar_t"? Is this overall a real issue? Or should this warning be generally ignored?


Next, what emWin version(s) are compatible with IAR EWARM 7.80.4? Is there an AppWizard available for those version(s)?


Also, I am a little concerned about the linker definitions to use for IAR 7.80.4 over emWin.
In most cases I have to use the below linker statement to avoid linker "Error[Lp049]: there was no reference to __iar_data_init3s":


"do not initialize { readwrite };"


Will the above linker statement negatively impact the linking of emWin library file?

Does emWin library source (used to build .a library file) contain globals with non-zero initializations?


int library_global1;
int library_global2 = non_zero_value;

int library_global3;