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i.MX8 MM Not detected eMMC Slot

Question asked by lim eon on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by lim eon

hi communicators.


I have one specific question plz help...


- My NXP Board Description Picture:


 i.MX 8M Mini




1. I Downloaded i.MX8 MM Android Image on the origin Web site i.MX 8M Mini Evaluation Kit | NXP 



URL: The Download Link what I Downloaded


so I unzip and executed UUU.exe

.\uuu_imx_android_flash.bat -f imx8mm -a -e -t emmc -u trusty -d mipi-panel


u-boot-imx8mm-evk-uuu.imx flashed the board.

so show you the board CMD screenshot:



but, something problem found.

Why Not detect the eMMC?


Why U-Boot print out:

Loading Environment from MMC... Card did not respond to voltage select!
*** Warning - No block device, using default environment


and the command  "mmc list" of U-boot:


and "mmc info" of U-boot:


I know the i.MX8MM has an MMC slot on the hardboard.


but I want to Porting the Android OS on the eMMC.

not want MMC(SD Card)


The website states that there is eMMC:


How can I do..?