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Processor Expert IntFlash Component for NVM?

Question asked by anand raman on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by Sabina Bruce


I have SKEAZ128 MCU for developing an application, which requires a 1KB of NVM (Non-Volatile ROM Memory). Since this can be emulated easily via Processor Expert IntFlash Component, I have configured and used it. The data is successfully written at desired address but, after MCU restarts the data becomes 0xFF (wiped out).


For this project, I have followed steps given on MCUOnEclipse blog Article

by Erich Styger.


Despite the steps given in the above mentioned article,some other steps were also executed:

1. Created a configuration to just ignore erasing and programming from 0x0001FC00 to last address of FLASH in Programming actions.

2. Configured Advanced programming options in debug settings menu to ignore EEPROM area as mentioned in another article: Article 2.

3. Double checked linker file in the project for any address mismatch.


Nothing arrived as a solution. The data keeps on erasing when debugged as well as when MCU gets restarted.


Details of IDE and Programmer:

1. CodeWarrior IDE

2. P and E micro programmer