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I.MX8MM (Mini) cannot find eMMC slot.

Question asked by lim eon on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by Joan Xie

Hi communicators.


I knew how can porting the OS from i.mx8 board. (as SD Card)

(As you may already know, sdcard is mmc. and emmc is embeded mmc.)


I recently completed to porting Android OS through SD card(mmc).


so I want to booting of OS through eMMC (Not MMC)


so I show you my step by step screenshot:


1. setting the boot switch


2. power switch ON


3. UUU.exe execute:

(I want to port to Android10 OS so I download and uuu execute)

    1. CMD input : .\uuu_imx_android_flash.bat -f imx8mm -a -e -t 1

    2. MMC: FSL_SDHC: 1
        Loading Environment from MMC... Card did not respond to voltage select!
        *** Warning - No block device, using default environment


   3. ucmd mmc dev 1

   4. MMC card init failed!
       Card did not respond to voltage select!
       ** Block device MMC 1 not supported


am i wrong something?


the i.MX8MM B Board Specification screenshot:

and the origin URL: i.MX 8M Mini Evaluation Kit | NXP 

It has eMMC 16Gib Memory.


how can I fix the problem?