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KEA128 automatic reset problem.

Question asked by Jiabin WU on May 20, 2020
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

Dears, I am using kea128 and kea32 for serie products development. everything works fine by demo board frdm_kea128. But problem occurs at my own PCB (both kea128 and kea32). A brand new manufactured board, before any software flash operation, the reset pin of the MCU output a pwm wave (see attached pocture). with or without(leave pin N.C.) a pull up resistor, the same. interesting is, the frequence of this wave is about 39kHz, the same as the MCU internal clock. 

Conquence is: with S32DS 2018  it possible to debug, but the codes disappear after power on reset; With CodeWarrior 11.1,  after clicking debug, the bar runs till 99%(downloading...)   then error prompts up: can not reset the process.


Totally have no idea why this happens. Please help.