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I.MX 7 ULP/Solo datalogger use

Question asked by Michiel TJampens on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Michiel TJampens

I'm new to I.MX processors and only familiar with Beaglebone black (AM355x). But i'm looking for a 'upgrade' to the BBB, any idea how the 7(ULP/Solo) compare? It's a core A7 compared to core A8 but a much newer design...


The goal is to use it for a datalogger written in java (so need ethernet,low power consumption and as much uart as possible, no gpu needed). Would a design based on MX7 (ULP/Solo) be te way to go or would another one be more suitable? 


Furthermore, given that i'm not at a skill level in which i consider myself making a design starting from the processor, can anyone recommend a kit? Or just buy the sabre starter?