Dmitriy Nechaev

Error in USB initialization PN7462.

Discussion created by Dmitriy Nechaev on May 20, 2020
Latest reply on May 22, 2020 by Ricardo Zamora

Hello. I found an error in init of USB of pn7462. I am working with library ver5.12, but it also exist in last version (5.22). In function VCom_Init(void) (cdc_main.c) there are such strings:


      /* enable USB interrrupts */
      phHal_Nvic_EnableInterrupt(PHHAL_NVIC_HIF); // that is incorrect. 


it should be like in phhalHif_Usb_Init:


      phHal_Nvic_EnableInterrupt( 1<<PHHAL_NVIC_HIF );


PHHAL_NVIC_HIF - is the number of interrupt and string phHal_Nvic_EnableInterrupt(PHHAL_NVIC_HIF) switches different interrupts on.


May be this will help to somebody.