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KW38 HardFault

Question asked by Prince John on May 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2020 by Sebastián Del Río



Request your kind support for solving HardFault issue on FRDM KW38 board during BLE operations of a custom app (GAP central) with a mobile app (peripheral).

Target hardware: FRDM KW38

SDK: MKW38A512xxx4  version: 2.6.5

Pairing/Bonding and NVM support are enabled: gAppUseBonding_d is 1, gAppUsePairing_is 1, gAppUseNvm_d is 1.

Pairing security mode: gSecurityMode_1_Level_1_c


Operation sequence:

1. KW38 target app scans and connects/bonds with the phone

2. Phone transfers some app data

3. Initiate disconnect from KW38. After disconnection de-bond the phone at KW38.

After a couple of repeated sequence above, the Hardfault happens (screenshot attached). Any issues at BLE stack side?


KW38 hard fault


Thank you.