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Clarify the choice of ECC strength in gpmi-nand driver

Question asked by jupiter hce on May 20, 2020
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by igorpadykov

Hi igorpadykov ,


You responded in a thread Choice of ECC strength in gpmi-nand driver  that the NAND should use lower strength ECC (4 bit) to avoid unnecessary overheads related to bigger ecc calculations. Is it correct that the default ECC in gpmi-nand driver is 8 bit? Should it be change to lower 4 bit ECC?


You also responded my question in another thread about Flash u-boot-nand.imx to NAND based on (customized) imx6ull-14x14-evk, that nxp does not support such operations in uboot, in other words, we cannot use u-boot to flash u-boot-solar.imx-nand to NAND, it has to be done in Linux using kobs.


What is the correct ECC for kobs calling ROM process 8 bit? If I have to use 8 bit ECC for flashing u-boot-solar.imx-nand to NAND, I have to build two DTBs, one for booting ramdisk to flash u-boot-solar.imx-nand, and another for lower ECC DTB for NAND driver, right?


Thank you.


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