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the  function of the wake-up-frame of uja1169TK in s32k144evb

Question asked by chen zhen on May 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2020 by chen zhen

My wake-up-frame consists of ID and data.

The first problem is that I can't understand  how to use the data function. the Fig1 is the data function's example in the datasheet, but I can't understand what is the Group and why only group 3 and group 5 match.


The second problem is that I have set the related register for wake-up-frame (CWE, CPNC, PNCOK, Std ID,no data so no DM), but when I test the wake-up-frame function, It is strange that all frames can wake up the UJA1169 (I am sure I let the UJA1169 be in stand by mode correctly). For example, the wake-up-frame is std ID 0x123 (PNDM = 0), so I set the ID register 29h to 0x8c, and the ID register 2Ah to 0x04,The ID MASK register (2Bh - 2Eh) are all 0x0, so only 0x123 can wake up the UJA1169 according to the datasheet. But when I test, it is strange that all frames can wake up the UJA1169. Can you help me analyze this problem?

                                                                       Fig  1