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Sourcing image from memory of ISI module in iMX8QXP

Question asked by Kazuma Sasaki on May 20, 2020
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Latest reference manual (IMX8DQXPRM.pdf Rev.0) mentioned following steps which copying image data from memory to ISI module. However, several registers have been missed in register memory map. Are CHNL_IN_BUF_ADDR, CHNL_IN_BUF_PITCH and CHNL_MEM_RD_CTRL registers remaining in latest device (C0 rev)?

I think it is a typo. Will it be revised in nearly future? Sourcing Image from Memory
A channel can be configured to read image from memory in two cases:
• During Blending De-interlace, hardware controlled memory reads occur.

  Refer to Image Deinterlacing section for more details.
• Software controlled memory read. This section details the configuration required for software controlled memory     reads. Please follow the channel initialization steps prior to configuring the memory image read on a channel.

   The steps to configure channel are:
• Configure the memory address from where the image is to be sourced in the CHNL_IN_BUF_ADDR[ADDR].
• Configure the line and frame pitch in the CHNL_IN_BUF_PITCH register.
• Configure the read image format in the CHNL_MEM_RD_CTRL[IMG_TYPE] field.
• Complete the initialization of other blocks and interrupts for channel 0 and set CHNL_CTRL[CHNL_EN] = 1.
• Set the CHNL_MEM_RD_CTRL[READ_MEM] = 1 to enable reading of frame from memory.
• Wait for CHNL_STS[MEM_RD_DONE] interrupt to set before initiating a new image read.

  When this interrupt occurs, set CHNL_MEM_RD_CTRL[READ_MEM]

Copy from latest reference manual (Rev.0)


Copy from old reference manual (Rev.E)


Linux BSP definition (L4.14.98_2.3.0_ga / mxc-isi-hw.h)


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