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How to Use command line command to build sofware and manage the source code?

Question asked by Frank Wei on Apr 24, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2010 by Yu Herng Chua

Hi all,


We are using CodeWarrior 7.1 to develop our new products based on MCF54452 CPU. We are now totally relly on the CodeWarrior enviornment to compile/link the sofware. In the future we want use the command line tools to do the same job as under the CodeWarrior enviornment. Could anybody here has the similar expierence to share the knowledge with us?


We are planning to use "subversion" or "CVS" as our version control system. Also we want to use make file utility (where the CodeWarrior command line tools will be inculded) to deal with the dependencies. Again could pepole share your experiences with us?


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